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Students who are admitted to Biodesign for Mobile Health are matched in teams by course faculty and select a "need area" as the starting point for their project. Over the ten weeks of the course, teams progress from need statement development to mobile health concept generation by following the biodesign approach to health technology innovation that the Byers Center for Biodesign has developed. 

Need areas are sourced from our network of industry experts and Stanford faculty, including members of Stanford's Center for Digital Health (CDH), Mobilize Center, Center for Population Health Sciences (PHS), and many others. These experts and faculty members support teams as coaches and mentors. With pre-approval by course directors Marta Gaia Zanchi and Paul Yock, teams may work on a need area proposed by a team member. 

In September, students matched in teams will be notified and asked to select their need area from a list.  Need areas typically belong to one or more of the following major health care challenges. Please rank these challenges in order of interest (most interesting area of needs at the TOP): your preferences will help us match students in teams.

  • 1 Mental Health
  • 2 Youth Health (examples: Teen Suicide; Autism)
  • 3 Affordable Health Care for the Underserved
  • 4 Care Delivery, Clinical Workflow Methods and Tools
  • 5 Maternal & Newborn Health
  • 6 Modern World Chronic Diseases
  • 7 Fitness & Wellness
  • 8 Cardiovascular Health


Class commitment